BDN Tickets


Festival tickets can be bought at the entrance to the dance hall before the start of the event. With the ticket all participants will receive a wristband.

All Festival visitors must wear (on their wrist) a valid (non-damaged, tightly fastened) Festival wristband. Wristbands can be checked at any time also inside the Festival territory or upon leaving the Festival territory. It is forbidden to pass the Festival wristband on to another person.


Thursday, November 1st
Dance evening FREE

Friday, November 2nd
Master classes of traditional dances (Estonian & Lthuanian) 5,- EUR
Dance Night 5,- EUR
All Friday (Master classes + Dance Night) 8,- EUR

Saturday, November 3rd
Master classes of traditional dances (Russian & Belorussian) 5,- EUR
All Night from 21:00 – Post folk group ILĢI concert 8,- EUR
All Night from 22:00 RDK 30th anniversary Grand Dance bal 5,- EUR
All Night from 01:00 till next morning Dance Night 3,- EUR
All Saturday (Master classes + Concert, Grand dance bal & Dance Night) 10,- EUR

Sunday, November 4th
Conclusion of the festival and a seminar FREE

Full festival pass 18,- EUR (without registration)
Full festival pass 15,- EUR Registration is required!
Full festival pass for dance club members 10,- EUR Registration is required!

Children up to 14 years of age can enter the Festival for free if they are accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian with a valid Festival ticket. Parents and guardians assume full responsibility for the minor they attend the Festival with.

In case of any questions (for group discounts also) please contact

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« Mai Jū »
Danči Gadatirgū Brīvdabas Muzejā 16:30
Danči Folkklubā ALA Pagrabs 16:00
Danču vakars Folkklubā ALA Pagrabs 21:00
Danču vakars Folkklubā ALA Pagrabs 21:00
3×3 danču vakars 20:15
Dzegužkalna ielīgošana 18:00
Danču vakars Folkklubā ALA Pagrabs 21:00
Zāļu tirgus Doma laukumā 15:10
Danču vakars Folkklubā ALA Pagrabs 21:00