Quadrille Ball

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Riga Dance Club, on Sunday, 3 March, the Culture Palace Ziemeļblāzma will host a QUADRILLE BALL, followed by a dance evening.

15:00 Quadrille Ball

18:00 Dance evening (until 22:30)

Dress code for the Quadrille Ball - folk costume, tailcoat, late 19th century festive dress* or festive uniform.

For the dance evening you can dress as you wish..

Participants are"Riga Dance Club", folklore group "Kokle" (Riga), ethno company "Zeidi" (Riga), LU dance folklore group "Dandari" (Riga), folklore group "Tarkšķi" (Iecava), folklore group "Dimzēns" (Jelgava), Lūznava Manor dance group "Lūznovys kadriļs" (Rezekne region), folklore group "Upīte" (Balvi region) and individual participants. Special guests: historical dance groups "Ballare" and "Magnolija".

Everyone is welcome to dance both at the Quadrille Ball and at the dance evening. Those who are not dancing will also be able to watch the ball.

To learn how to dance quadrilles at the ball, dance lessons are being organised on Sundays in February inRiga.

To help you learn the dances, videos of some of the quadrilles are available at: http://www.folkdance.lv/lat/kadrilu-video/

Entrance ticket: 8,00 EUR


* We recommend wearing folk costumes. If you choose a late 19th century festive costume, it should be festive, not casual.


15:00 Opening, Riga Dance Club performance.

15:25 Goda solis (opening dance a la Polonaise)

15:45 Group photo

Quadrille Ball

16:00  Dimzēns –  Ciganovskis, Balabaska

16:15  Dandari – Rundāls, Rikavas kadriļa

16:35  Ballare & Magnolia - Performance

16:45  Tarkšķi – Rušs, Jautrais stūris

17:05  Kokle –  Bērzgales kadriļa, Kvadrāts

17:25  Rīgas Danču klubs - Ačkups, Family Jig, Kertinis Jonkelis

Dance evening

18:00  Zeidi

18:45  Dimzēns

19:35  Dandari

20:20  Tarkšķi

21:08  Kokle

21:55  Rīgas Danču klubs

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