Camp rules

XIX International Traditional Dance camp

 22.08. – 24.07.2022. at Butku dzirnavas

To make sure that the camp is enjoyable for everyone, here are some camp rules:

  • We try to greet each other even if we've already said hello to the same person for fifth time that day already. And we smile :) 
  • At the canteen please try to first sit down at the furthest located tables to avoid crowding. Please remember we first sing and only then start eating. 
  • Thank everyone who helps make the camp happen! Dance teachers, singing teachers, musicians, canteen workers, cleaning ladies, culture center employees, etc.
  • Be polite and attentive during workshops.
  • Please treat with respect any kind of equipment that is used during the camp. Please take off dirty shoes before entering any of premises, try to avoid damaging the dance floor or any other floor, wall, bathrooms, windows, tables, benches and anything else.
  • Please remember there will be many of us willing to have a hot shower. In case of boiler system, please be mindful of your hot water use; leave a little for others as well.
  • Please park your vehicles only in the specially marked parking spaces.
  • We are responsible for cleanness and dirtiness in places we use for sleeping and storing our personal belongings. Please respect each other and try to keep rooms nice, fresh and tidy. Try to keep quiet at night and whenever someone is having a rest.
  • Adults are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their and other children. Please swim only where it is advised by the camp team. Be careful when crossing streets. Help each other when asked. During dance lessons and dance evenings please be careful and follow the abilities of your body and heart.
  • The camp schedule is relatively fixed. After workshops there are no time limits. However, parents and adults are responsible for themselves and their children, and everyone’s ability to wake up the next morning and being able to participate in dance and singing lessons.
  • The camp organizers do not support the use of alcohol and smoking. Smoking and drinking is strictly forbidden in public places and forbidden for camp participants that are younger than 18 years old.
  • We encourage you to be an active camp participant, to take part in workshops and share your ideas and suggestions for future camps.
  • In case of any problems or emergencies, inform a camp assistant.
  • Photos, audio and video will be taken throughout the camp which may be used for publicity purposes! 
Let's make beautiful and exciting memories together!
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